What is gluten anyway? And a recipe for gluten free cake!

My sister and I were out running errands a couple months ago, and we stopped by a local restaurant to grab lunch.  I had an ahi tuna wrap and one beer.  We wrapped up lunch and on the way to our next stop (bridal store for bridesmaid shopping) my fingers were so swollen I couldn’t get my rings off and my stomach started to hurt.  I said something along the lines of “stupid gluten” and she looked at me and said “what is gluten anyways?”  I paused for a moment and thought…”I really don’t know.”  Is it a powder, a liquid, a protein, a fat, carb?  Does some little gluten fairy go around sprinkling gluten dust on bread??  I knew why it was bad, what it was in, why people are intolerant to it, etc., but didn’t know what the correct definition of it was.  

Definition: Gluten is a protein composite in wheat and related grains in the triticeae family of grassy grains or cereal grains.  

  • It gives elasticity to dough, helping it to rise and to keep its shape, and often giving the final product a chewy texture 
  • Often used as a food additive, a protein supplement or even as a food by itself.  Meat substitutes, also known as imitation meat or wheat meat, are often composed of concentrated gluten  
  • Provides thickness and is commonly used in flavorings and sauces
  • Commonly found in baked goods and grains, i.e. cakes, bread, cereal, couscous, etc

Foods Containing Hidden Gluten:


Luncheon meat

Blue cheese

Gravy powder and browning

Matzo flour/meal

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP)

Baked beans

Farina Meat and fish pastes Paté

Self basting turkeys Sauces



Instant coffee

Brown rice


Potato chips

Soy sauce

Salad dressings

Malt vinegar

Imitation crab meat

OXO cubes


for more information on gluten, continue reading from these pages:


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Cake Recipe – I’ve not made yet but might try out on my birthday!  Looks good 🙂 



About breaking up with Gym

I used to be your typical, well typical meaning obsessive, gym rat. I would spend hours at a time in the gym, 6-7 days a week, often times going twice a day. This worked for a while, and I thought it was completely normal. I liked the way I looked, I took pride in the hours of dedication I put in, and liked to be a regular at the gym. But let's be serious. How long could the 2 hrs a day, double workout days really last? I got tired of "spinning" for 45 minutes without going anywhere, I got tired of sitting on a machine seeing how many leg presses I could do. What was the point? Then, after years of pointlessly slaving at the gym, and by years, I mean 1997 - 2010 (I'm only 26 so that's a long time), I was finally convinced to quit the gym, and join Crossfit. What the heck was I waiting on?!
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2 Responses to What is gluten anyway? And a recipe for gluten free cake!

  1. Thanks for the shout out to my Gingerbread Cake recipe. You’re going to LOVE it. SO moist. Happy (advance) Birthday!

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